You’re welcome to chat about whatever you want, however, we ask that you respect others. We don't make you guess about what's considered appropriate or inappropriate in our community, so take a quick look at the dos and don'ts below.

Respect others
Don’t be a troll. Differences of opinion are welcomed as long as it’s done respectfully.

No spamming or advertising
Big no, no. If you want to advertise, contact our advertising department.

No posting of private contact details
If you want to give out contact details, you can do it in a private message, but not in the public chat rooms. Bear in mind that this is at your own risk, and we are released from any responsibility.

No requesting pic swaps
If you're looking to swap pics, the chat isn't the place to do this. Please create a personal ad or use the browse feature to contact others directly that you like the look of.

No personal ads
If you're looking to make contact with others for meetups or for any kind of relationship, please use the personal ads instead of the chat.

No harassing other members
C’mon, since when has harassing people been cool?

Only transmit a live-stream from your webcam
Please don’t use another source other than your webcam in the video chat, whether it's public or private. Only live-streams are allowed, no recordings.

No requesting money
Even if you insinuate that you want or need money, you will be warned once. If you persist, you’ll be permanently banned.

No inflammatory racial, religious, sexual or political language
Says what it does on the tin. Inflammatory language will result in an immediate kick and possible ban from your community. This also applies to public chat rooms that you create yourself.

No excessive swearing
We all love the word "fuck" but try to keep your cursing to a minimum.

No ‘flooding’ or unnecessary repetition
Interrupting the flow of the chat sessions with the use of large fonts, capital letters, repetitive typing or other forms of flooding isn’t cool.

GIF's in the chat
Please note, that the following GIFs are not allowed:

- No GIFs of illegal drug use and paraphernalia.
- No police or armed force insignia. (exceptions: role-play uniforms with fake badges are permitted).
- No weapons and/or offensive vocabulary.
- No GIFs of violent acts to yourself, someone else, or animals.
- No GIFs including blood or scat.
- No GIFs that incites racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind.

Chat Moderation
Our chat rooms are moderated by trained volunteers to help keep the chat safe, respectful and to ensure the rules are followed. Although it might not always be apparent that a moderator is visible, if you experience any issues with any other user while using the chat, please use the ‘Call Chat-Op’ tool. If no moderator is available, always please ‘Report’ the user in question so that our support team can take further action. Additionally, you have the 'Ignore' button at your disposal to ignore the user and avoid escalating a situation.

If you’re asked to stop, by either a moderator or another member, do. Being offensive will never be tolerated and all moderator decisions are final. We love having you around, so allow us to keep you!

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